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When talking about flavour, surely everyone can agree that spices and ingredients play a huge part in determining the quality. That same principle is also applied in maintaining the quality and flavour consistency of the food at Youma Youla Noodle Bar. Every single element, from the basic ingredients for the Mala Soup to Mix Soup, are all shipped directly from China to ensure the quality.

To maintain the freshness, the soup is made and prepared the first thing every morning. The use of real beef and chicken broth as ingredients are also ensured so that the taste of each meal served is always up to standard. And of course, the ever-tempting Mala is the main element that makes the meals served at Youma Youla Noodle Bar always satisfying to every customer.

Besides the soup that is the main dish here, the Stir Fry Mala Xiang Guo is also one of the favourite choice of patrons at Youma Youla Noodle Bar. Fried using specially prepared Mala spices, this menu has a unique aroma and distinctive numbing sensation on the lips that become its own attraction; one that is hard so match.