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"Love from Sichuan", such is the tagline of Shu Cuisine & Bar. True to the tagline, it is this expression of love in the form delectable dishes and high quality drinks that everyone will receive upon visiting Shu Cuisine & Bar.

It is impossible to be talking about Sichuan recipes without talking about Mala; and at Shu Cuisine & Bar, we provide only the best and most authentic Mala. Each ingredient used is shipped directly from the recipe's homeland in China. Other than that, a Shifu (Chef) from China is always present to maintain each extraction and preparation process to ensure the quality and authenticity of each dish is always up to standard.

For seafood enthusiasts, the Fresh Live Grouper Fish offered here can be an option worth considering. With three cooking different methods and the palate-pleasing Mala, this dish is one every seafood enthusiast would not want to miss. You are guaranteed to enjoy the delectable authentic taste of Sichuan recipe here at Shu Cuisine & Bar.

Even more, the free-flow gin and wine offered at our bar can surely help you unwind with friends and family. Kick back, relax, and relieve your post-work burdens by enjoying the beautiful skyline of the city while taking a sip of your favourite drink for an unforgettable experience.