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Rich with history and tradition, Mongolia is also rich with unique traditional recipes. This distinctive heritage of tradition is what Little Sheep aims to introduce and offer to every culinary enthusiast in Indonesia. With taste like no other and aroma that arouses one's appetite, the authentic Mongolian dishes from Little Sheep will not be easy to forget.

Since its establishment in 1999, Little Sheep has been bringing authentic taste of Mongolia for the world to experience. It is the mixture of tasty broth and selected spices of the highest quality that makes these dishes so special. And since 2007, Little Sheep has brought this rich and delectable taste of Mongolian cuisine for every culinary enthusiast in Indonesia.

The Mongolian Satay is one of the staple dish you can find in Little Sheep. Wrapped in specially prepared spices that permeate deeply into the meat, the quality and authenticity of the recipe is guaranteed in each serving. The use of stainless steel skewers ensure the meat gets cooked more quickly while still maintaining the perfect texture. All these combined, and you get the unforgettable taste of Mongolian Satay.

Not only with the cuisine, Little Sheep takes great care in ensuring that the full experience of dining is rich with authenticity by presenting traditional Mongolian vibes at every outlet. Paired with top quality service that is also the commitment of Little Sheep will ensure your dining experience will be one to remember.